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Chili Yogurt

Energy 155
Protein 8.5
Fat 7
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Yogurt Salad

Energy 54.8
Protein 3.33
Fat 2
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Cream Cheese

Energy 254
Protein 8.5
Fat 24
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Low-fat Feta

Energy 137.6
Protein 12
Fat 7
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Local Sour Doogh

Energy 27.4
Protein 1.2
Fat 1.2
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Kefir Doogh

Energy 30
Protein 1.66
Fat 1.5
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Energy 16.6
Protein 0.42
Fat 0.7
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Haraz Whey

Energy 162
Protein 25.29
Fat 2.2
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Honey Cream

Energy 259.3
Protein 2
Fat 22
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Breakfast Cream

Energy 246.8
Protein 2.2
Fat 25
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Low fat milk

Energy 45.1
Protein 3.2
Fat 1.5
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Haraz Milk

Energy 58.6
Protein 3.2
Fat 3
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Haraz News, stay tuned with us

Haraz Qualitative Exemplary Unit

Doosheh Amol (Haraz) Dairy Company has been recognized as a superior qualitative unit in the official ceremony on the International Food Day ....

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Opening of the Zagoo Dairy Plant

The Laban Zagoo Amol manufacturing Plant will start the production this autumn with the endless efforts of Mr.Dadgar, the members of the board of directors and its 120 employees.he developed a breakthrough in flavored stirred yogurt in iran by doosheh dairy company.

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Dairy products prevent anxiety and depression

dairy products,specially yogurt and doogh contains a hormone called serotonin (that is known as the pleasure hormone and it is a protein compound) exists at the highest levels.

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About Haraz

Be happier and healthier with Haraz

Doosheh Amol Dairy Company started its activities in the Amol Industrial Town in August 2007 with trademarks of Haraz and Saboo, and thanks to God, with experienced managers and staff as well as using the new technology of dairy industry,in a short time geta significant share of the dairy market in the country. The company continued to attract more experienced experts in less than 5 years and today its direct staff is over 1,350. The company’s permanent mission is creating innovation with the help of creative and experienced human resources, as well as through the updating of enterprise systems and production technology. Read More

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