About Doosheh Dairy Company

Amol Dooshe Dairy Co. was stablished in Emam Zade Abdollah Industrial Complex in August 2007. Since then, this company has been able to aquire a large portion of the local dairy products market and also export some of it's high quality products to other countries like Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkmenistan and Canada. This has been accomplished by using the knowledge and hardwork of it's personnel and management. The Company began its journey with about 30 people, and following the rapid growth of the production capacities and market demand, the number of it's personnel has grown to more than 1500 people. The main priority of the company is to enhance the health of people with considering the real needs of it's customers. Implementing internatinoal standards like ISO 10002, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 2200, HACCP, 5SS and more at the highest level, is a confirmation of the company's continuos dedication to produce healthy products of high quality.

  Winning awards like Consumer Rights Considerations, Nation's Green Industry, Distinquished Exportation Company of the Country, Producer of Highly Beneficial Products, the Healthy Apple, Superior Standard Organization, High Quality Organization, Nation's Distinguished Producer and Distinquished Entreprenuer and also being the recipient of praises from the ministries of Industry, Health, Medical Educations and Labor are all indicators of the empahsis of  the company on the health of the customers, well being of it's personnel and preserving the ecosystem. Continuous support of charity organizations, athletes and artists are only a small portion of what this organization is doing in order to enhance the quality of  life in society.