Our Vision

  •   Here in Doosheh, we are aiming to be the first choice that customers make for the dairy products
  •  Our Company's Mission
    Becoming the market leader in dairy industry of the country using the newest technology and dairy industry standards
    Active presence in international market like middle asia, middle east, eastern europe as one of the well known brands in dairy industry
    Product basket and brands name development to more than 20 brands in the next 10 years
    Joint venture in target countries for the development of new products in partnership with the world's famous companies in dairy industry
    Producing new products in accordance with customer expectations and needs complying with global standards in the field of health and quality
    Bold presence in dairy industry as a sponser of people and society in the help of social and cultural infrastructure development and full realization of social

    Developing competition and healthy business space with leading companies in the dairy industry by carrying out production projects and joint research and transfer of experiences and knowledge in different domains to the country

    Development of long-term relationships with all members of supply and industrial customers chain within the framework of strategic plans of Amol Doosheh  dairy company as a innovative and customer oriented company