About the founder of Doosheh Dairy Company

Mr. Bozorgmerh Dadgar has been born in July of 1962 in Iran. He is the founder of Amol Doosheh Dairy Co (under the brand name of Haraz), Larin Laban Pars Co. (under the brand name of Alima), Amol Laban Zahoo (under the brand name of Zagoo), Amol Doosheh Plast and Yazd Dario Laban Co. He is one the distinguished entreprenuers of the country in food industry. 

 Being a graduate of the field of Food Industries in Tehran's university of Shahid Beheshti, and also being a teacher in universities along with 30 years of experience in high levels of management, has made him to be one of the few expert entrepreneurs in the field of food industries  and specialy dairy products, and has made many of the active members of the field to call him the Father of Iran's Dairy Industry. 


His management experience in distinquished production complexes like Amol Doosheh Dairy, Larin Laban Pars and Amol Zagoo Dairy is one of the important advantages, as it is under this management that these companies and specially Amol Doosheh Dairy, have been abale to grow at an amazing rate as compared to their competitors.

 Many of the Company's products under the brand name of Haraz, are considered as innovations, and Mr. Dadgar has had and important role to achieve this.

The founder of Amol Doosheh Dairy (Haraz) believes that this company has to become one the top ten companies of the region and become the first choice  the customer make while considering dairy products.

 Winning the Knight of Dairy Industry award from 2010 to 2012, Pioneer of Dairy Products, Champion of Wrestling Tournaments in the country, founder of Amirreza Dadgar  School of Rehabilitaion of the Disabled and being a member of the management comitee of Mazandaran's Children Foundation are only some of his achievements