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Chili Yogurt

Energy 155
Protein 8.5
Fat 7
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Yogurt Salad

Energy 54.8
Protein 3.33
Fat 2
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پنیر خامه ای

انرژی 254
پروتئین 8.5
چربی 24
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پنیر فتا کم چرب

انرژی 137.6
پروتئین 12
چربی 7
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دوغ سبزیجات

انرژی 27.4
پروتئین 1.2
چربی 1.2
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دوغ کفیر

انرژی 30
پروتئین 1.66
چربی 1.5
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Energy 16.6
Protein 0.42
Fat 0.7
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Haraz Whey

Energy 162
Protein 25.29
Fat 2.2
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خامه عسل

انرژی 259.3
پروتئین 2
چربی 22
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خامه صبحانه

انرژی 246.8
پروتئین 2.2
چربی 25
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شیر کم چرب

انرژی 45.1
پروتئین 3.2
چربی 1.5
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شیر هراز

انرژی 58.6
پروتئین 3.2
چربی 3
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Doosheh Amol Dairy Company started its activities in the Amol Industrial Town in August 2007 with trademarks of Haraz and Saboo, and thanks to God, with experienced managers and staff as well as using the new technology of dairy industry,in a short time geta significant share of the dairy market in the country. The company continued to attract more experienced experts in less than 5 years and today its direct staff is over 1,350. The company’s permanent mission is creating innovation with the help of creative and experienced human resources, as well as through the updating of enterprise systems and production technology. Read More

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